7 Sites Where to Download Copyright and Royalty Free Music Songs


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    7 Sites Where to Download Copyright and Royalty Free Music Songs

    7 Sites Where to Download Copyright and Royalty Free Music Songs

    Someone who likes to make videos for Blog or Youtube content needs really needs background music to make the video colorful when watched and listened to.

    However, when creating the content, it turns out that we should not be careless in determining and choosing music. The reason is, it could be that the music you use has someone's copyright.

    And, when you use copyrighted music without permission, your video may be sued by the copyright owner, and it may not be published if you upload it on Youtube.

    Therefore, use copyright-free music so that in the future the videos you make are safe from prosecution, and can be published on Youtube.

    We have also provided 7 sites where you can download copyright and royalty free music songs.


    One of them is Bensound, this site provides a variety of royalty-free and copyright-free background music that will add to the excitement of your video atmosphere. Interestingly, Bensound also provides a variety of music from different genres such as Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, etc.

    Besides being complete, the music on this site is also often used by famous Youtubers.

    2. NCS (NoCopyrightSound)

    Unlike Bensound, which is a site with a collection of songs in it, NCS or commonly called NoCopyrightSound is another. The reason is, the copyright-free music provider is a channel on Youtube.

    In fact, this channel has been subscribed by more than 13 million Youtube users. In addition, NCS also provides up-to-date and up-to-date copyright-free music.

    3. NCS (nocopyrightsounds) Website

    Actually this one NCS is the same as the NCS Channel that we discussed earlier. However, this time the NCS is in the form of a website. It also includes various music on the NCS Youtube Channel.

    On this website you can also choose various background music by NCS, while on this website you can also login and chat with other NCS users.

    4. Benrousse

    Benrousse also provides a variety of music and song needs that are purely copyright free. Lots of background music and songs by Benrousse that are no less good than other music providers. But unfortunately, the music in Benrousse doesn't seem to be updated anymore. But there's nothing wrong if you want to collect the music on Benrousse, who knows it will be useful for your video content needs.

    5. Best No Copyright Music

    Best No Copyright Music by Shelton is a soundcloud user that frees his music to be used by anyone without copyright. Lots of cool and worthy background songs for you to use for video content purposes.

    6. Chuki Beats

    Chuki Beats only allows anyone to use his work as background music for video content. Moreover, Chuki Beats claims to be one of the creators of mellow and sad emotional hip hop instrumentals.

    Therefore, for lovers of hip-hop videos. I think you should visit this one Youtube channel.

    7. FBM (Free Background Music)

    Just like other copyright-free music providers, FBM also provides background music that is no less good than other music providers. Even though it doesn't update very often, it doesn't hurt if we subscribe to this channel, because who knows we need FBM background music to accompany our video content.

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