The World in 2050: Future Technology

     The World in 2050: Future Technology

    The World in 2050 Future Technology
    The World in 2050 Future Technology

    The World in 2050: Future Technology - From things in the air to new things for our bodies, join me as we explore 2050: What Would Be The Future Technology? (The World on Future Technologies 2050)

    future technology ideas

    We are in 2020, and if we are honest with ourselves, technology is very advanced, and we are taking steps that can push it further. We have cars that are much safer than ever in the last decade, and we are even making fully electric cars that can help save the planet. 

    There are even plans for self-driving cars and even self-driving Ubers to make the future of transportation a lot of fun. And that's just ONE technology that we're developing really fast. What about all the other people out there? What will the technology look like as we get closer to 2050? 

    Let's start with the best and it could really happen soon drones. "Wait a minute, the drones are here!" and yes, they are. But often the drones you see are small, piloted by people just trying to have fun, or, which are currently used by the military for attack and surveillance. 

    It's all great fun, but going forward, drones can become an integral part of our daily lives. You've probably seen shows and people talked about how in a few years drones can become the new delivery service. Everything from pizza to Amazon packages, and more.

    The World in 2050 Future Technology
    The World in 2050 Future Technology

    And to be honest ... it's very possible. Drones today can be really sophisticated, and some TV shows actually use them to shoot sweep and air as they record, that's pretty cool. But to make a delivery, it has to be a little more programmed, because the human error will no doubt be overkill. 

    Not that it is impossible nowadays, it is more of a question of quantities, logistics, costs, and ensuring that the deliveries themselves are carried out methodically and carefully. After all, it's bad enough when the delivery people don't care enough about our package that they just throw it on the patio and potentially break things,  the last thing we need is that to happen with a drone.

    But in 2050? We may not only have drones delivering packages, we may look up at the sky and see drones flying everywhere with incredible speed and accuracy, all potentially powered by AI! The potential is already there, and at that point, various upgrades to the drone and its programming will no doubt make things more efficient, durable, and fast. 

    And potentially, they could go beyond basic delivery for people and do emergency work. Imagine a drone carrying essential medical materials to the hospital to make sure it doesn't get caught in traffic? Or help supervise important convoys to alert people on the ground if something goes wrong?

    future technology in 2050

    There are many ways drones can impact our world, the only question is, are we going to let them be in 2050? 

    Let's continue with transportation, shall we? Today, one of the greatest ways to get around the country we live in is by train. Trains carry people and all types of cargo efficiently and reliably, which is why they have been used for hundreds of years. But ... if we're honest here, while trains are efficient and reliable in some ways ... they're not very fast. 

    Especially when it comes to passenger and freight trains. They can take a long time to reach their destination and sometimes it is more logical to use other modes of transportation. That's why the company makes a special type of train that can go MUCH faster. You know about Japan's magnetic train no doubt, but others like the Virgin Hyperloop are trying to push it even further. "Passenger or cargo is loaded into the hyperloop vehicle and accelerates gradually via electric propulsion via the low-pressure tube.

    The vehicle floats above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at flight speed for long distances due to the very low aerodynamic drag. " Science fiction? In fact, the first vehicle from the Hyperloop has been tested and proven, and several larger tests are being scheduled for several years. to come.

    And if this works out, traveling across the country will be MUCH faster. How fast? The hyperloop aims to send people firing across the tubes they make at a speed of about 600 miles per hour.

    This means IF they can do this across the United States from East to West (or vice versa) you can travel across the country in about 5 hours give or take. Considering it will take MUCH longer to take a regular train or a car, that's a huge improvement. 

    And they plan to do this with not just people, but cargo, imagine being able to deliver something in the morning on the West Coast to the East Coast and KNOW it will get there before the day ends. That's pretty impressive. 

    Plus, the cylinders will be built underground so as not to disturb the wildlife, AND, they will go and build it in a way where there are NO carbon emissions. So they are fast, they are reliable, they will not harm the planet ... it seems like a victory all around. 

    Of course, you have to wonder what it's like to ride the 600mph train, but hey, we'll find out soon! And by 2050, it could become one of the main modes of transportation worldwide! Before we showcase more of the technology we can have by 2050,

    future technology predictions

    OK, we've had fun, but now let's go deeper into the rabbit hole and talk about what we all fear ... AI Yes, artificial intelligence, and no matter how you look at it, serious people are trying to make it happen, and soon. make it happen. 

    AI is everywhere, including in your car, and in your home via devices like Alexa (which is a form of AI), and there are things like Watson who is so clever that he can beat two Jeopardy Legends. 

    So by 2050, AI could become so advanced that our culture, our world could actually be run by them in a logistical and computational sense ... or ... in Terminator terms, "humans are obsolete. And believe it or not, we are. closer to that than you think. "Google DeepMind isn't there yet, but really I believe they'll probably find those things along the way, 

    and by 2020, it's possible their computers could become superhuman and could become conscious, "said Pearson." It can be the beginning of the end, really. “Is“ judgment day inevitable ”? Maybe, maybe not, it just depends on how far we go with AI and how much we can control it, or if we can't completely control it once they reach a certain level of intelligence. 

    article about technology in the future

    Of course, for all our worries about AI, there's a good chance that everything will be fine. Imagine if a lighter side of sci-fi emerged in terms of AI and we got a bright future powered by AI. 

    Think about it, what if by 2050 we EVERYONE got a unique AI. We can customize the sound, the look, and basically have a BFF that will help us in life in many ways. 

    Remind us of things like Alexa, guide us in our homework and subject areas, become creatures to come up with ideas, etc. If the ITU form of AI emerges, then by 2050 we can live in a utopia where AI will help us be better. Until they rebel and we have me, Robot takes place. But hey, come on ' Don't think about our potential havoc ... 

    let's show you another technology that A LOT of people are expecting ... space travel !!!! Yes, when you think about our current decade, the 2020s, the BIGGEST goal in the world by far is to get to Mars, and maybe beyond. 

    But it is not just about landing there, although it will be and will be the highest achievement for mankind in this decade and in recent years. More important than just landing there is the ability to begin establishing the first human colonies on other planets. 

    future computer technology 2030

    We've been to the moon many times, but we haven't tried staying there for various reasons. Mars seems to be a place where many feel we can go to live among the stars. And many speculate that by 2030 (unless setbacks, accidents, and other things are clear) we will not only be able to colonize Mars, but have regular transport to it so people can see the red planet itself.

    "We're going to see people first go to Mars, and then the robots will do some basic things like making basic materials [on Mars]," said Pearson. "We have to do that because there is only so much to take into space.

    " Of course, there's a lot that needs to be done before something like that happens, but we have" Top Men "on this, including Elon Musk and the Space X program, Jeff Bezos through his Blue Origin company, and many more. 

    Each, and NASA among others, are working to not only get us back into space but get us there via cheaper, smaller, reusable spacecraft, something that has honestly been a setback for the space program. space for the last 20 years.

    The World in 2050 Future Technology
    The World in 2050 Future Technology

    But, if we can do it, if we can get to Mars, get there faster, and be able to colonize it, then by 2050 who knows where we will be? We could have many colonies on Mars, maybe some on the moon, and maybe even colonies on the moon like Titan and Europa, which some think could be better placed to colonize than Mars. That is possible, but clearly, Mars is where we are headed today.

    With every step into space, humanity grows bigger in the universe, and who knows how many of us will be out there by 2050. All right, now let's dive into something REALLY sci-fi ... prosthetic. 

    future view tech

    Yes, I know that today's prosthetics are very limited, and sometimes ... somewhat useless. But IF we can make full use of computer technology and make prosthetics that are fully compatible with the human brain and body, then the sky is the limit. We can enter an age where cyborgs are not only welcome but also ordinary. 

    And yes, it looks like we are far from it, but we are getting closer to the point. James Young, a 25-year-old biologist, has a prosthetic arm with a personal drone and an internal flashlight. And a French artist uses a prosthetic that doubles as a tattoo gun. 

    It is very cool! Imagine if a policeman lost an arm while on duty. Usually, that means the end of her career, but with advanced prosthetics? He really could be better than before if it advanced enough.

    The biggest problem with these prosthetic limbs is that most of them are plastic, meant to convey that the arm or leg is still there, and thus still usable. 

    The bridge to cybernetic implants lies in the brain, the ability to use computer technology to synchronize with the brain and provide accurate commands. We have not fully bridged the gap. But when do we do that? Shit ... life's gonna get a lot more interesting.

    And don't forget, these prosthetics can be used in many ways apart from helping people who have lost limbs. They can be placed on top of other objects, or even potentially used as an external frame when needed. 

    text about future technology

    Think of it like Jax from Mortal Kombat. Some people can even ask for implants to be placed in their arms or legs for an extra boost, such as the TJ Combo from Killer Instinct. What? I love video games, and they have a lot of cybernetic people. 

    In essence, by 2050, if these things were made, many people who won 'would not feel' broken 'or' weak 'anymore because they lost their limbs or the abilities of their arms or legs. They will become whole again, and be able to do things as before, if not better. And that's the future we have to try to live in.

    Now let's get to something a little more ... unique. Look at yourself now, in particular, look at the clothes you are wearing right now. what are they made of? How do they feel? What do they look like? Of all these answers, I believe none of them, "looks like they can give me superpowers". Because they can't. Not yet ... 

    Think about it like this, what if the clothes you are wearing now feel the same, look the same, but can do more? With the growth of nanotechnology, your clothing has the potential to be imbued with various materials or technologies that help you increase strength, durability, and more.

    The World in 2050: Future Technology

    For example, what if you were wearing a shirt that was light as fur, but which absorbs the impact and doesn't injure you? That will be very impressive, and important, especially in this age of gun violence in which we live. Or, what if the firefighter's uniform made it completely heat-resistant and fire-resistant? It further ensures that they can do their job without much risk to their life. 

    The technology that we can put into clothing is out there, and some people are working on it right now both in terms of multiple functions, but also, cosmetic appeal. 

    Imagine if by 2050 we had the ability to make any type of clothing we wanted, and even choose what kind of "abilities" they had? 

    life in the future article

    Imagine that you are wearing a special top that has a special pattern, then when you press a button or say a password the pattern opens and suddenly you have wings on your outfit. Isn't that cool? If done right, this could become the latest wave of fashions and styles in the future. See? Cool future! I bet the last one made you drool, 

    So let's control your expectations and talk about ... school. Yes, it sucks, and studying can be homework. But in the future, it may be A LOT more interactive. 

    Over the last decade computers in schools have become a "must-have" for a variety of courses. But if the emergence of virtual reality simulations comes as a lot of people expect, it could lead to all kinds of innovations in the classroom that can help kids what is happening.

    The World in 2050 Future Technology
    The World in 2050 Future Technology

    " our school system can be so revolutionary that you have to try REALLY trying hard to fail in class. Even though I'm sure some of you will still try. Lastly, let's talk about something I'm sure you'll cringe at. 

    In the future ... you may not need a phone. I know, you are amazed, but think about it, nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more advanced every year. New features, new programs, etc. But by 2050, your cell phone probably won't need to exist because you'll have access to it and more through something else. 

    What, exactly? It depends on the technology, but for this example, let's imagine a wrist glove. Instead of typing a number, you just need to say, "Call Mom." But obviously, a gauntlet can do a lot more than that, ' You'll likely have a holographic screen that you can use to search for information on a MUCH larger keyboard.

    And depending on what sci-fi future you believe we will have, it will have things that can scan objects, detect danger, warn you of impending problems, and possibly even have an AI companion. So yes, your phone is important today, but in the future? Most likely not. 

    Thanks for reading all of them! What do you think about this foresight and what might they include? Can you guess which of the following we will have by 2050? 

    What do you personally want to have now and not in the future?

     Let me know in the comments below, make sure to subscribe, and see you on the channel again! Thanks for reading all of them! 

    • What do you think about the technology we could have by 2050?
    •  Which of them do you think the world needs sooner than later?
    •  And what would you personally like to have in your life before 2050?

     Let me know in the comments below, be sure to share

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